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Mainewoods 2020 E-vent!
Celebrating 25 years of International Understanding Through Dance


Labor Day Sunday, September 6, 2020

2021 Preview Workshop   3:00-5:00pm EDT / 12:00-2:00pm PDT / 21:00 to 23:00 CEST
Each of our six Featured Guests for the 2021 camp will teach one of their dances.

• 25/25 Dance Party   8:00pm EDT / 5:00pm PDT / 02:00 (Sep. 7) CEST
Celebrate our 25 years with a program of 25 favorite dances that have been taught at Mainewoods by 25 of our Featured Guests.

Binge!  Immediately following the 25/25/ Dance Party
A dance party filled with late-night favorites.

Special guests and glimpses into life at camp will be included during the festivities. All will be offered free of charge so everyone can get a sampling of the Mainewoods Experience.

Board Member Recognition
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Board members over the past 25 years, giving special recognition to the first Board. In September 1994, after word that Maine Folk Dance Camp was closing, George Fogg convened a group of committed campers and teachers. They created the Mainewoods Dance Camp Board, became a 501(c)(3), and with the help of many others, found a new camp location and put on seven week-long sessions plus a Labor Day Weekend camp in the summer of 1995! All this in less than one year—amazing!

The First Mainewoods Dance Camp Board:
Ping Chun, Nelda Drury, Tove Finlay, George Fogg, Max Kahn, Ellen Mandigo, Rae Nemovicher, Marie Wendt, Juanita Wetherell, Patricia Williams.

All Board Members over our 25 years:
Riki Adivi, Ewa Basinska, Dan Bishop, Helen Blum, Serena Brooks, Richard Brown, Kathleen Carroll, Judy Chasin, Ping Chun, Kathryn Demos, Boël Denne-Hinnov, Lisa Downing, Nelda Drury, Tove Finlay, George Fogg, Lee Friedman, Karin Gottier, Leon Harkleroad, Bill Havens, Karen Havens, Janet Higgs, Beth Holloway, Max Kahn, Teme Kernerman, Regina Laskowski, Martha Malkiewicz, Ellen Mandigo, Sally Martin, Kathleen Mazurek, Rob McCollum, Nat Melamed, Rae Nemovicher, Neal Niu, Susan Oberman-Ellman, Cecille Ratney, Bill Snow, Sandy Starkman, David Vinski, Marie Wendt, Juanita Wetherell, Patricia Williams, Carol Wilson, Alan Wright, Eric Wright, Walter Zagorski, Mary Zaleta.

Our Current Mainewoods Board:
Richard Brown, Ping Chun, Boël Denne-Hinnov, Karen Havens, Janet Higgs, Martha Malkiewicz, Kathleen Mazurek, Rob McCollum, Patricia Williams, Carol Wilson, Eric Wright, Walter Zagorski.