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Mainewoods Staff

Many of our staff members are unpaid volunteers. We all believe in Mainewoods as an enduring concept and gladly and willingly give of our time to make it work!

Riki Adivi is our Kitchen Manager in charge of all the delicious food. She orders supplies, prepares menus, and supervises the cooks.

Kathleen Carroll is one of our Resource Room treasures. If you need a costume, decorations, or craft supplies, check with Kathleen!

Ping Chun is the editor of Mainewoods Memories, the camp newspaper.

Martha Malkiewicz is Sound Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, and is Secretary of the Mainewoods Board.

Kathleen Mazurek is a member of the Mainewoods Board, and is in charge of the camp store and auction.

Rob McCollum is the camp Administrator, and is also the Mainewoods Board Treasurer.

Reggie Osborne works on video production and photography.

Carol Wilson is our camp Office Assistant and Registrar, and is a member of the Mainewoods Board.

Our Current Board of Directors

Karen Havens - President (Syracuse, NY)
Eric Wright - Vice President (Charlotte, NC)
Rob McCollum - Treasurer (Pittsburgh, PA)
Martha Malkiewicz - Secretary (Buffalo, NY)
BoŽl Denne-Hinnov (Lawrence Township, NJ)
Nina Lusterman (Evanston, IL)
Kathleen Mazurek (San Miguel de Allende, MX)
Barbara Merson (North Yarmouth, ME)
Patricia Williams (Pelham, MA)
Carol Wilson (Red Bank, NJ)
Walter Zagorski (Toronto, ON)

      Board members at the 2022 Annual Meeting Board