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Mainewoods Privacy Policy and Copyright Notice

  • Our address list is created for use of the camp and is also printed in the Mainewoods Memories for the use of other campers. Mainewoods Dance Camp, Inc., will not sell, distribute, or provide this mailing list to other individuals or organizations.
    Campers agree not to sell, distribute, provide this mailing list to other individuals or organizations, or use it for private commercial purposes.

  • During camp, pictures are taken to provide a pictorial record of our time together. Some of these pictures may also be used for historical and marketing purposes, such as in Mainewoods Memories. The website has been developed to introduce the camp to the interested public. Pictures taken during camp bring this website to life. If a camper would prefer that their pictures not be used for these purposes, they need to make their wishes known to the Camp Administrator, and every effort will be made to respect these wishes.

  • During the course of the year it is often necessary for our staff to exchange information containing names of staff and campers. We will process and maintain this information in a manner that is respectful of everyone's privacy.

  • Cookies are not used on our website. The website contains links to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites.

Copyright Notice:

Teaching syllabi and videos are provided as teaching tools for use only by those campers attending each camp session. These are copyrighted materials and should not be further reproduced or distributed without express written consent.