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Why come to Mainewoods?
Mainewoods is a wonderful dance camp, but it is so much more. So often we hear campers refer to "The Mainewoods Experience." What is The Mainewoods Experience? It is the beautiful Maine setting, the ethnic festivities, the wonderful people, both staff and campers, the friendly atmosphere, the incredible ethnic meals, and so many small touches that make Mainewoods a truly unique experience. Is there plenty of dancing? You bet! But there is so much more as well.

To get an idea of what your week at Mainewoods will be like, take a look at The Mainewoods Experience page.

Scholarships and Kitchen Crew positions available!
For each dance session, Mainewoods offers a few kitchen crew positions, and also a George Bass Memorial full dance scholarship. For more information, and to apply, please see the Kitchen Crew page or the George Bass Scholarship page.

Mainewoods Dance Camp Mission
It is the mission of Mainewoods Dance Camp to preserve and promote International Folk Dancing along with the rich customs and traditions of various countries from around the world. To that end we provide our campers with ethnic exposure to dance, food, song, music, costumes, shared traditions and more. We welcome dancers at all levels of experience, young and old, to join our summer dance community in a natural country setting, for a unique, warm and enriching experience.

"International Understanding Through Dance"

Mainewoods Dance Camp is located at Camp Indian Acres in Fryeburg, Maine

Recent additions to Mainewoods!

Online registration

Orientation for newcomers

Mentoring for new dancers

Streamlined registration at camp

More evening dancing

Optional review sessions

Low cost rooming option for two couples

Mainewoods attractions

Cultural theme days

Live music

Wooden dance floor

Late night dancing

Beginner and advanced classes

DVD available at the end of the session

Swimming in pool and river